Mrs. Sandy Gibbs, Principal

Welcome back Pirates.  We look forward to having a wonderful year at Vineland Middle School.  Remember, show class, have pride and display character.  If you do, success takes care of itself.


Mrs. Gibbs



Mrs. Megan Pacione, Assistant Principal/Athletic Director

Hello Vineland Community!

I am so pleased to introduce myself as the new assistant principal and athletic director at Vineland Middle School. Let the 2016-2017 school year begin.   Working with children has been a life-long endeavor of mine. From being a neighborhood babysitter in my teen years, to a classroom teacher then head principal, I have been interacting with young people for 30 years and have had countless positive (and fun) learning experiences along the way.

Students-I look forward to getting to know you and being there for you during these special years in your life. Know that I am someone whom you can count on, talk to and trust.

Parents-I am here to serve you and your child in every way I can. Good communication is key- call, email or visit me with any questions, concerns or suggestions.

Community-Thank you for the warm welcome to District 70 and Pueblo County. My husband and I feel so blessed to have moved our careers and our home to this great place. I look forward to working with you in many capacities.

Go Pirates!


Mrs. Megan Pacione