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This page is dedicated to the students of Vineland Middle School.  This page is to supply any applications, links, websites, on-line text book support, and so much more to help our students in their journey as life long learners.

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Click on photo of teacher or “Photo Unavailable” to access their assignment page.  Some assignment pages are under construction and might be unavailable.

Mrs. Kimberly Andreaccio Exceptional StudentServices (ESS) 6th, 7th, 8th
Mrs. Andreaccio
Mr. Borntrager Music 6th, 7th, and 8th
Mr. Borntrager
Mrs. Bulman
Mrs. Bulman
Mrs. Bustos
Mrs. Bustos
Mrs. Chavez
Mrs. Chavez
Ms. Davidson, Math 7th and 8th
Ms. Davidson
Ms. Frank
Ms. Frank
Mr. Frankmore
Mr. Frankmore
Mrs. Hochstetler
Mrs. Hochstetler
Mrs. Knecht
Mrs. Knecht
Mr. Mandarich
Mr. Mandarich
Mrs. Mandarich, Science 7th and 8th/ GTT 6 Legos
Mrs. Mandarich
Mr. Ribaudo, Physical Education (PE) 6th, 7th, 8th
Mr. Ribaudo
Miss. Randi Richie, 6th & 7th Social Studies
Miss. Richie
Mr. Schornack
Mr. Schornack
Mrs. Stanley
Mrs. Stanley
Mrs. Thomas
Mrs. Thomas
Miss. White English Language Learners (ELL) 6th, 7th, 8th
Miss. White
Link to all text books used at Vineland
Link to all text books used at Vineland

Useful Links for

Homework Help and More!

>50 States.com

>American Library Association Recommended Great Websites for Kids

>Brain Pop    User: vlm70 PW: vlm70

>Brain Pop Spanish

>Brain Pop Jr.

>Britannica eBook Database        User: pirates  PW: pirates

>Bureau of Labor Search A-Z Careers

>CIA World Fact Book

>Citation Machine (MLA)

>Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

>Channel One Connection

>Colorado Jump $tart Coalition (Financial Literacy)

>Colorado Virtual Library


>Constitutional Rights Foundation

>Discovery Kids by Discovery Channel

>DOGO News

>EDSITEment! Best of the Humanities on the Web

>Enchanted Learning and Zoom Dinosaurs

>Fact Monster

>Finding Dulcinea: Librarian of the Internet

>Free FederalResources For Educational Excellences

>Gizmos: Experience Math and Science

>History Channel: Ask History

>Homework Spot: by StartSpot Mediaworks, Inc.

>Kids Click Web Search for kids by librarians

>Kids Gov. A safe place to learn and play

>iCivics:Reinvigorating civic learning through interactive and engaging learning resources.

>Iluminar Vineland Middle School’s On-line Catalog


>Kids.gov: A safe place to learn and play Teens Grade 6-8

>Khan Academy: User-paced exercises for science and math.

>Library of Congress “America’s Story”

>Library of Congress “Discover and Explore”

>Library Spot

>New York Times Topics

>National Archives

>National Geographic Kids

>OWL Purdue MLA Cited Sources Site

>Pueblo City-County Library District and Satellite Libraries operating hours

>Pueblo City-County Library District on-line Resources

> Smithsonian: Explore

>Sylavan Dell eBook Database    PW: pirates

>Textbook Link A link to all textbook resources used at Vineland 6-8

>True Flix Data Base A Link to eBooks, web links, and resources for all subject areas        User: vinelandk8       PW:trueflix

>Yahoo For Kids